staying safe

It probably doesn't come as a surprise that dealing with monsters, cryptids, and the supernatural can be really dangerous! Here's how to keep yourself from getting *too* dead on the job.

You know how they say dogs can smell fear? Well, so can many creatures! Even if they don't exactly have a nose, panic does nothing but bog you down. That means you've gotta take a more rational approach to it. It's a good idea to ask yourself three questions...

1. can it be explained by normal events?

Yes, seriously!!! It's really easy to get caught up in the fantasy of the paranormal, but Occam's Razor still applies in this field. If you stop and *really* give it some thought, chances are it's gonna be a weird owl or some kids looking for clout. Look at it this way: Don't waste your time on that stuff when you could be chasin' the real deal.

2. is it dangerous to myself or others?

Not everything supernatural is scary, and not everything scary can hurt you. That means that even the creepiest monsters and ghosts might be harmless. We all know it's not okay to lash out and kill animals like spiders or snakes just because they freak people out. That applies to cryptids, too! But it swings the other way: Even the cutest, fluffiest little creature can *really* fuck you up. ...I know from experience.

3. how do i keep everyone safe?

"Everyone" means you, other people, and in the best case scenario, the monster. This is the most important step! Knowing what you're dealing with is all well and good, but the whole point of most monster hunters and researchers to help humans stay alive. Being careless kinda defeats the point of that! That applies to yourself, too. Can't do much good if you're incapacitated and/or dead. Finally, if you can, be careful with the creature you're hunting - to keep with the metaphor from before, spiders and snakes can be pretty dangerous. But we still leave them be when we can, and try to get them away from us without hurting them when we can't.