SCP 1105

Item #: SCP-1105

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1105 should be kept in a standard 6 meter by 6 meter containment cell. An unbroken line of pure Himalayan mountain salt should be placed in front of the door to the cell; when transport is necessary, it may be disposed of alongside other debris and replaced when the entity returns to its cell. As requested, SCP-1105 may be allowed:

Although SCP-1105 is docile and friendly, authorized researchers only may directly interact with it (see Interview Log 1105-12 below). Should a 1-A event occur, and the entity's response confirms it necessary, the building is to go into an immediate Stage 7 lockdown, flame retardant to be released throughout the grounds, and all staff members should be evacuated by standard procedure.

Description: SCP-1105 is a canid entity that is approximately 2 meters long with shaggy fur in shades of tan and burgundy. Its three sets of wings, two on its back and one behind its ears, seem to mostly be decorative; SCP-1105 has not been observed to fly. It has eleven eyes spread across its body, although it only seems to regularly see through two. It can speak standard American English, South American Spanish, Old English, archaic dialects of Gaelic and Scots, several languages in the Yuman-Cochimí family, the Potano dialect of Timucua, and Aztec. It was recovered in Northern Massachusetts. Demonic origin is suggested; it cannot pass a salt circle.

SCP-1105 has the ability to accurately predict:

It will offer these predictions, or “prophecies” as it calls them, when requested. It will almost never oblige when asked for a “prophecy” of a specific category, although it seems to prefer discussing subjects that are present or nearby, as well as the schedule of the aforementioned band. (For the only known exception, see Interview Log 1105-12 below.) A timespan is rarely given, and the events can happen anywhere from a year to several minutes in the future. These “prophecies” will be relayed with varying levels of vagueness depending on SCP-1105’s relationship with the subject requesting them.

SCP-1105-1 is a black flaming halo that will appear behind SCP-1105’s head during a 1-A event. 1-A will occur if a fire-based disaster is to occur within 12 hours within 5 miles; a separation or legal divorce is to occur within 6 weeks and an involved party is in the same room as it; or if The Mountain Goats will be releasing an album, EP, or single within 24 hours, or will be performing in the surrounding 30 miles within 6 weeks. When asked, SCP-1105 will gladly elaborate on the nature and circumstances of the coming event. It is unknown if the predicted events can be changed or prevented.

The Mountain Goats and their music appear to have no anomalous properties themselves, but further investigation is required.[1] SCP-1105’s insistent claims of relation to the members are, at present, completely unfounded.

Incident Log 1105-12

On 9/24/09, several younger staff members were found attempting to use SCP-1105's abilities for recreation. Below is purposes. Below is an interview with SCP-1105 regarding this.

Dr. Johnson: Hello, 1105. Do you know what we are meeting to discuss?

SCP-1105: I believe I do. Is this in regards to my activities with Doctors Rhodes, Loh, and Caldwell?

Dr. Johnson: Yes. In the past, you have been unable to give us specific predictions on command; how have you done so for those three?

SCP-1105: They enjoy the work of my companion, much as I do. They were curious and I felt inclined to assist them.

Dr. Johnson: Who is your companion? For the record.

SCP-1105: The head of the Wanderers. 

Dr. Johnson: I… see. You claimed that you were unable to choose what information you gave us, and that specifics can be difficult for you to ascertain.

SCP-1105: Yes. Both are correct.

Dr. Johnson: Then how did you tell Rhodes, Loh, and Caldwell what you did?

SCP-1105: I see no reason to tell you. 

Dr. Johnson: Please cooperate with us.

SCP-1105: I am, my friend. It is simply information I do not wish to reveal. I feel it would not be in my best interest.

Dr. Johnson: Why?

SCP-1105: I merely wish for my abilities not to be abused. And besides, it isn't easy in the slightest.

Dr. Johnson: And people using you to book concert tickets early and laugh at the drama of strangers isn’t abusing it?

SCP-1105: With my consent, no. I'm not proud of it, but it gets lonely in here, Doctor. I miss my freedom and my companion. James, Rita, and Maurice all made me happy. I don’t doubt they would have remained with me if I didn't oblige them, but I wanted to repay their kindness. And besides, we needed it to look like we were experimenting.

Dr. Johnson: ...I see. Did any of them continue this behavior with other SCPs?

SCP-1105: Not that I am aware of. They simply enjoyed my company. A pause. Dr. Johnson, if I may ask, what disciplinary measures are my associates receiving?

Dr. Johnson: I don't have to tell you that.

SCP-1105: It would bring me a great deal of comfort. 

Dr. Johnson: I won't be telling you.

SCP-1105: ...Very well. Our discussion is over, I presume. Be at peace, Doctor.

The entity refused to answer any questions afterwards.

Experiment Log 1105-A

On 12/17/19, five subjects visited SCP-1105's enclosure and requested a prediction from it.

Subject: Dr. Brainsurgery
Relationship: Very positive
Prediction: “Ah, my dear Julia, of course you may have a prophecy! In a house on a hill in the woods near the river, in the land of Kusuluk, a spark has caught, and its lovers are star-crossed.”
Results: Naaja and Absalon Overgaard in Kulusuk, Greenland were recorded as legally married on 1/18/20, and divorced on 7/10/20.

Subject: Dr. Pines
Relationship: Positive
Prediction: "Oh, rejoice! For the Wanderers shall return. Let them march into the city; let the people see them. I implore you, friend, free me, that I may reunite with my companion."
Results: The Mountain Goats announced a tour stop at the neighboring city of [REDACTED] on December 29th, 2019. The concert was scheduled for February 16th, 2020. SCP-1105 made repeated requests to attend, and was denied.

Subject: D-3653
Relationship: Neutral>
Prediction: "In one eve's time, misfortune comes to five in Dyersburg upon the west wind; Their house will burn to cinders."
Results: On 12/18/19, the Linney residence in Dyersburg, Kentucky, USA burned to the ground. All five present survived. D-3653 was raised in Dyersburg, although she was not familiar with the Linneys.

Subject: Dr. Halpractice
Relationship: Slightly negative
Prediction: "When the moon shines red over a rich man, he will never see the sun."
Results: During the June 5th, 2020 lunar eclipse, guerilla activists set fire to the estate of oil baron Morgan Stanley outside of Sidney, Australia. He and his wife burned to death inside. Dr. Halpractice followed them both on Twitter.

Subject: Dr. Johnson
Relationship: Negative
Prediction: "The beast has sunken its claws into the house of Johnson. Let it bleed; let it burn."
Results: No possible events linked to the prediction occurred within a year. SCP-1105 later confessed that it was “running a gambit” on Dr. Johnson.

Incident Log 1105-1-A27

On 12/23/18, Dr. Elnajian was preparing to perform a routine interview with SCP-1105, and upon entering the containment cell, a 1105-1-A event occurred. At the entity's request, Dr. Elnajian turned off the interview microphone on their person as it described the event's circumstances. On 1/18/19, one of their husbands was pronounced dead.

[1] Recent investigation has indicated that there is an entity, or multiple, that appears in the same location following a performance by the band. They have not yet been recovered.

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