tallahassee, restored

tallahassee, an album by the mountain goats, had a promotional microsite created for it in 2002. when the main 4ad site had a revamp a decade later, it was removed, and the only surviving copy is now hosted on the internet archive. however, the loading time is slow and numerous images and videos are missing. i have (partially) remedied that here.

i am working on a proper update of the site with better loading times and modern standards! but this is a straight-up rehost of the files, just with some reconstructed assets, ones i recovered from other sources, and a handful of minor quality-of-life tweaks. that said, there is still a lot missing. on the off chance that you have saved any video or photos, or screenshots, or hell, vague recollections, please contact me. we are currently missing:

if you have any contributions, comments, or questions, you can reach me at @caveangelascendant on tumblr or u/lightseekergamewing on reddit. if you like, i can also be reached on my guestbook or over discord. dm me on any of the above social media for the latter. i am not affiliated with the mountain goats; i just wanted to preserve this piece of internet history. please enjoy!

for those unfamiliar with the source material, this website contains discussions of alcoholism, drug abuse, mental health issues, and some overt christian symbolism. it's not a light read. viewer discretion is advised. addtionally, the nature of the website means that it is not currently screen reader-friendly. if you use one, please check out the text mirror provided by the annotated mountain goats, linked below.

update 10/25/22: hey there! so, google drive's video embeds have stopped working properly for users that aren't on chrome. alphabet is fucking terrible. i'm working on a fix, but for now, popping out the video by clicking on it once and then clicking on the external link icon will allow you to watch.

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reuploads i found: the internet archive - the html and css of the site // baxterrawrrawr on youtube - the vicodin short // xolve on youtube - the how much would you pay short // orange joe on youtube - the jonah short // annotated tmg - transcription of peacocks

additional resources: the mountain goats' official website // download this site // the album on spotify // the album on youtube // annotated tmg // liner notes reading // development diary
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