minecraft base

#1 | 2/22/22

happy TWOsday :) i hope everything's going well for you! i figured i'd share my latest minecraft project with you all.

basically, i wanted to build a really big survival base. not quite a megabase, per se, but something a little bigger than most tutorials i could find. i also wanted to work on my own original construction skills - namely depth and shaping. so i got to work!

i'm doing all of my planning in a superflat world first. here are a few screenshots from different angles - not showing the entry gate (which i adore) and the wall (which is... a work in progress).

as you can see, the draft is... pretty rough, haha! it's mostly meant to be a sketch to guide me while i work on the blueprints. i'll be making those pubically avaiable once i'm done!