every TMG live recording i can find

Use the filters below to search through our database of hi recordings. Type "full" in the Title search to view recordings of full concerts or multiple songs; however, this database is largely focused on single-song recordings.


Q: What is this?
A: This is a catalog/database/something of live recordings of the American folk rock band the Mountain Goats.

Q: Where are you getting all the data? What isn't provided directly in the description of the videos is cross-referenced with info from setlist.fm, annotatedtmg.org, themountaingoats.net.

Q: I have/know of a recording that's not on here.
A: Great! If it's your own, upload it to Youtube, or better yet, the Internet Archive, then make a submission with the link to the Mountain Goats Society on Tumblr. If you want to make my life much, much easier, then please include the venue, city, state, country, and date recorded.

Q: Ew I found a bug!!/I have a suggestion/You made a typo.
A: Send an ask to the Mountain Goats Society or my main, caveangelascendant. You can also reach me on Reddit at LightseekerGameWing or through my guestbook.