albums i've listened to

my only just got set up... so it's obviously pretty tough to gauge how much/what music i've listened to over the years! however, using a little playlist caving, i put together a list of albums i've listened to in full over the years and tried to rank 'em.

from favorite to least favorite

top right is favorite; bottom left is least favorite. i'll go from worst to best. the life of the world to come was ommitted because i spent half of that album sobbing so i can't really judge like/dislike

Tallahassee Turns Ten by assorted artists: One of the most mixed bags I've ever heard. There are a couple of knockouts here - AJJ's cover of Alpha Rat's Nest is well-loved for a reason, Bomb the Music Industry does a *fantastic* job with Ethiopians, and Small Arms, Southwood, Oceanographer's Choice, and Idylls of the King are some of my personal favorite Goat covers. However, most of the others don't really make it. I see what No Children was going for, but it didn't quite work for me. Same with See America Right. I thought First Few Desperate Hours and Tallahassee were just... kind of... not good, and Old College Try made me start laughing uncontrollably because it was so bad. Honestly, this would have been above *at least* The Click if it didn't have Old College Try in it. Seriously. I believe in restorative justice but I hope that whoever made that goes to jail.

Puppet Loosely Strung by the Correspondents: Lots of interesting stuff going on here! The overall vibe is a bit edgy for me, but animatic lovers the world over can rejoice. The title track is my personal favorite. The retro sound and visuals really work for me - the low ranking is by no means an indictment of quality.

Through the Deep Dark Valley by the Oh Hellos: Has some choice bangers, but it's not as refined as the Oh Hellos' later works. It honestly doesn't even hold a candle to even Boreas.

The Click by AJR: Top 10 albums for a middle schooler to get obsessed with amirite? I've had some discussions with fellow music enjoyers since I got to college, and I am forced to agree that a not-insignificant chunk of AJR's music is distilled "average white boy". The Click is the greatest example of this. The Overtures are always really big hits with me, though, and The Click's is no exception.

3 by Half-Alive: They did a good job on the album! They did a good job. Half-Alive's sound was very much in its infancy here - they're practically indistinguishable from Twenty One Pilots at this point. Still, you can see bits and pieces of the prowess they'd demonstrate in Now, Not Yet and GMYS 1. the fall remains in my regular rotation.

Admittedly Incomplete Demos by Tally Hall: Not much to say here. Is demos. I haven't listened to this one in a good minute, but I *do* remember really, really enjoying the alt of Banana Man.

Christmas Drag by IDKHOW: Fuck it. Christmas album. This was one of IDKHOW's earlier works, and it shows. I still *adore* the music videos - especially for the titular song - but not much to say here.

Through the Deep, Dark Valley by the Oh, Hellos: Lots of debuts/early stuff here. Same problem as 3 and Christmas Drag - the potential's there, but everything else hasn't quite caught up.

Saintmotelevision by Saint Motel: My last listen was a while back, but it's just pretty damn solid.