journal entry #2 | 5/19/22

hello everyone! apologies for the absence; school is just wrapping up here. and boy howdy, has the last week been a doozy!

it's the last week i actually have to actually be at school. today's the senior clapout, tomorrow's prom (i'm not going), and next week, none of my work will be graded. it's really... something, that's for sure!

last thursday, our group's collective internet friend/s, the seashell system, came to visit! for asi's birthday on saturday, we went to our local library and played a dungeon crawl hosted by vee. IT WAS AWESOME!! jupes and clara didn't pick chars until they got there, but other than that, everything was smooth as butter. i played millie, asi played an aasimar paladin named seraph, dj played kumo, and brandon played herric. we got a quest from nepeta leijon in boston to go to the ruins of beforus and pick up the mcguffin... 2! we played in the homework help section in the back until 4:30, when dj reserved a really nice room for us until closing time. we wrapped early, around 5, so we goofed off together until 6. brandon and i ran home to grab some cash, then headed back to vee's place to watch movies and eat pizza and cake. definitely one of the better birthday parties i've been to :)

the only hitch was that i had a sore throat all day. i thought it was just allergies, but i wore a mask the whole time just to be safe. that turned out to be a good call, because the next day, my mom had me do two covid tests and both were positive x_x i spent the whole week sitting in my room, subsisting on soup and cane's, watching made for love and trying not to cry. i was very brave about it, all things considered. i was really sad that i didn't get to see seashell gang more, though... maybe there'll be some time left before they leave today?

well, there's still stuff to look forward to! like i said, i missed most of this week, but i'm (hopefully) still doing the yearbook cover with celina! and i've yet to pull off my senior prank >:) it's not really a prank, per se, but it is a little bit of harmless goofin around. i'm gonna make a strexcorp employee of the month tshirt for it, plus get kool-aid and jolly ranchers; i've already got the erlenmeyer flask. and talor's gonna be doing something with me, too! i'm super excited!!

well, that's all for now. i'm continuing to troubleshoot my tmg bootleg search engine; so far, i've got everything up and running except the location search and title search. one of these things is not like the others. see you guys later!